typical Vanuatu hardwood carving

About Shop Vanuatu

Shop Vanuatu is an initiative of the Vanuatu Women and Girls in ICT (aka Vanuat Women Yumi Konekt). The objective is to align with the associations’ vision “to connect women and girls in ICT for empowerment towards eliminating disparity and poverty”.

Our mission is to empower Vanuatu vendors, especially women and girls, to grow their small businesses and create economic security for themselves, their families and communities. One way to achieve those aspirations is by increasing sales and revenue by way of access to a worldwide online marketplace.

The primary purpose of this website is to promote the sale of authentic products made by skilled craftspersons using unique local materials from the islands of Vanuatu.

Most vendors are Ni-Vanuatu women, who together with their families, operate a small business enterprise selling an assortment of local handicrafts, carvings, agricultural produce etc at the Port Vila Market house and Haus blong Handicraft. Most of the vendors depend entirely on the profits made from their sales to support and educate their families.

While purchasing these products helps the vendors families, it also serves to support Ni-Vanuatu culture and encourages the passing of traditional skills to future generations.

Sales help small businesses to grow, helps maintain supply chains and the sustainability of local materials and regrowth of essential plants in the communities and villages.

We appreciate your visit and trust you have learned a little more about Vanuatu, this Pacific paradise we call home.