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The products you will find here are made from local materials from the islands of Vanuatu. Baskets, mats, hats, jewellery, carvings, masks, fans, light shades, hand bands, necklaces, paintings, and many more… They are eco-friendly and 100% based on natural resources such as pandanus leaves, coconut leaves, tree stems and bush vines. Using these products will connect you with nature and with the many Ni-Vanuatu people whose livelihoods depend on their craft.

Our Mission

To empower Ni-Vanuatu vendors especially women and girls to grow their small businesses and create economic security for themselves, their families and communities and achieve their aspirations by leveraging sales and revenue through an accessible worldwide online marketplace.

Our vision is to make Vanuatu marketplace global

Who We Are

The majority of the sellers are Ni-Vanuatu women who together with their families run a small business of agricultural farming, local handicrafts and carvings and local restaurants, at the Port Vila Market house and Haus blong Handicraft. They work hard every day to earn money to meet their basic needs. Most family members depend entirely on the profit made from these sales to make a living.

The website is managed by “Women and Girls in ICT” association who retain very minimal sales percentage for the website upkeep with the bulk of the proceeds going directly to the seller.

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