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Tousong a mother of three is specialized with pandanus leaves to weave baskets of all sizes, place mats, trays, lamp shades, laundry basket and beach bag. She was trained by her mum. As a child she grew up helping out her mum to weave and sell to tourists. She started owning her own business when she got married to her husband of Eratap village on Eafte island and started selling handicrafts to tourist at the Eratap resort. The business grew bigger with more products supplied by the mothers of Eratap villge. This took her to move to Haos blong Handicraft market in town. At the Haos blong handicraft she sells for her family business and the mothers of Eratap village. The income earned from this business helps with children school fees and daily basic needs for the family. Her other skill is sewing where occasionally she will sew clothes on orders and for family needs.

Tousong started working from 6am in the morning and arrives at home around 9pm in the evening. She has regular clients residing in Port Vila. However, she wishes to get more orders and have more clients buying from her so she can sell in big quantity that will give her more time to spend at home working on orders and have the chance to be with her family.

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