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Rosalie has been in the handicraft business since she was a little girl helping out with her mum at the market house. Basically, she grew up in a handicraft business. She has so much knowledge and skills to share about handicraft business and how it started in Vanuatu. The traditional knowledge of weaving basket and sewing, painting is passed down from her mum to her. She took over her mum business since 2002. Rosalie loves handicraft and has the passion to see it growing where she started a handicraft cooperative called Bulvanua. The purpose of this cooperative is to help crafters to be creative and produce local products from their own traditional knowledge. The corporative has 34 members of crafters, retailers and producers. The producers sell to the cooperative and the cooperative sell to the retailers. The supply chain is maintained from the craters, to the retailers at the Haus blong handicraft market.

Rosalie lives in Port Vila and has five children whom she runs a handicraft business to support her husband working in the office.

She has special skills in producing Christmas decorations such as Angels and Christmas wreaths from pandanus leaves and hibiscus fiber.

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